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Dímelo 2020

1. How much do you agree with the following statements about the Miami Marlins?
Space Cell 5 - Strongly Agree4 - Agree3 - Neither Agree Nor Disagree2 - Disagree1 - Strongly Disagree
I am proud to be a Marlins fan
I am satisfied with the Marlins' progress of building a consistently competitive team
The Marlins organization consistently demonstrates its commitment to listening to fans and the community
The Marlins and Marlins Foundation have made a positive impact on the South Florida community in 2020
The Marlins have continued to engage, recognize and reward Marlins fans during 2020
2. Which of the following attributes would you use to describe the Marlins? (Please select all that apply)
3. Which of the following Marlins programs and content series have you heard of? (Please select all that apply)
4. Which Marlins content do you follow or subscribe to? (Please select all that apply)